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Spray Dryers Spray drying plant comprises of a large cylindrical & vertical chamber in which large volumes of hot air is gushed continuously. This hot air supplies the required heat needed for the evaporation of liquids, which then dries the small droplets of raw materials. Our high quality dryers have been specially designed using standard modules that incorporate all the required features necessary for varied products and industries.

We at Shachi, deal with projects ranging from small-scale laboratory size processes to large industrial spray dryer processes.


The philosophy behind the design of these dryers is a combination of standardized modules built together to meet the requirement for any specific duty. Therefore, dryers of equal capacity may be completely different with respect to design, configuration and physical size. This allows us to focus specifically on the needs of the clients and the demands of the process without any physical limitations of the equipment.

Few Configurations that we use are :

Counter current Feed is from topside and hot air from bottom side. Feed is from rotary atomizer and nozzle.
Co-current type Feed and hot air is from same side. Feed is from rotary atomizer and nozzle.
Co- counter type Feed is from bottom side and hot air from top (Fountain) side. Feed atomization is through pressure nozzle or two fluid nozzles.
With these highly advance and specifically designed dryers we Expertise in
  • Design development and engineering of plants to manufacture product in powder or granular form.
  • Spray cooling process.
  • Capacity range from Small lab models to large industrial plant.
  • Plant equipped with maintenance tools and tackles.
  • Process control by semi automatic to PLC SCADA based to fully automatic system.
Various industries are benefited largely from our specially designed dryers. By applying our dryers products like tile ceramics, herbal extracts, various food products, dyes intermediates, natural products and Tea are manufactured.

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