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Pharma & HerbalShachi's drying solutions have been at the beneficial forefront of pharmaceutical and herbal industry. The capsules that you consume as medication are a fine product of Shachi's expert technologies which enable fine granular powders out of solvent based medicines. Similar is the case for the growing number of beauty care products that come out of herbal extracts, another industry where Shachi's R&D provides ample advantages to clients and their consumers.

Pharmaceutical dryers, pharmaceutical spray dryers, drying of pharmaceuticals - biochemical products involves handling of large and small quantities of processing. To maintain the correct properties of these product, aseptic drying is required.

Sometime these products can be solvent based. In this case drying is done in inert atmosphere
and also calls for closed loop drying and solvent extraction. The products are heat sensitive
and some properties are lost due to excessive exposure to heat. Proper air distribution pattern can facilitate drying at lower temperature and lower residence time. Spray drying chambers are also provided with cooling and sweeping arrangements.

The Pharmaceutical-Biochemical industry includes products like:
  • Spirulina
  • Micro Crystalline Cellulose
  • Herbal Extracts
  • Enzymes
Shachi Engineering Pvt. Limited

Shachi Engineering Pvt. Limited
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Shachi Engineering Pvt. Limited

Shachi Engineering Pvt. Limited

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