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Flash Dryiser (Dryer) a pneumatic system primarily used as an inexpensive solution for drying powders and granular. Drying in flash dryer takes place almost instantly hence the name Flash Dryer. Wet material is dispersed into a stream of heated air (or gas) which conveys it through a drying duct. Product is separated using cyclones, and/or bag filters.

Industrial flash dryer have been used to dry products in many industries including food, chemical, mineral and polymer. A broad range of feed materials including powders, cakes, granules, flakes, pastes, gels, and slurries can be processed. For slurries, pastes, or sticky materials, backmixing of the wet feed with a portion of dry product to produce a suitable conditioned material is required.

Shachi Specialises in
  1. Processing high capacities and in a relatively small amount of space.
  2. High thermal efficiency.
  3. Crushing of lumps is possible with addition of Cage Mill.
  4. Pneumatic conveying while drying eliminates additional equipment.
  5. High process gas temperatures possible for reduced size and cost.
  6. Ease of installation.

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